Loan without Credit Bureau

In this text, credit without Credit Bureau Switzerland should be synonymous with Swiss credit without Credit Bureau, because nothing else is at stake. As a result, many loan seekers who have not met any payment obligations in the past have the problem that negative entries can result in the Credit Bureau. This in turn leads to creditworthiness being damaged and most banks decline when someone with a negative Credit Bureau requests a loan. It is usually no matter how high the income is – the negative Credit Bureau inevitably leads to a rejection. If you still need credit in such a situation, you can try your luck with a loan without Credit Bureau offered by Agree Bank.

For a loan without Credit Bureau from Switzerland, the content of Credit Bureau does not play any role in connection with loan processing. Credit Bureau is not interested, the only thing that is interesting and decisive for the loan decision for Swiss credit without Credit Bureau is the income and the associated employment relationship. Customers at the Agree Bank are welcome German officials who use the Credit Bureau-free loan from Switzerland to be able to afford a small side loan that German banks never find out about. But other people who earn good money are also welcome customers at Agree Bank.

Credit without Credit Bureau Switzerland can only be obtained through the credit intermediary

Credit without Credit Bureau Switzerland can only be obtained through the credit intermediary

You cannot apply for a loan without Credit Bureau directly from Agree Bank. If you want such a loan, you have to contact a credit agency. Large and successful credit agencies that operate on the German market include Lite Lender and Capital lender. Loan seekers can submit a loan application for a loan without Credit Bureau Switzerland directly via the websites of the respective companies.

Processing is quick and the money is paid out 100 percent. The only downside is that fees are charged for the mediation, which must then be paid later along with the rate. That’s why the Swiss loan will always be a little more expensive than a loan from a German bank.

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